Wow, What a transformation!

Highest Weight13st 7lbs
Lowest Weight9st 6lbs
Highest BMI32.44
Lowest BMI23

I'm now 4 stone lighter, 4 dress sizes smaller and I have lost 64 inches

"Back in July 2012 I decided it was time to try a different approach to losing weight, I had a 4 month old son and and wanted to get myself in better shape. 

"Between 2008 and 2011 I underwent many fertility treatments including 4 full IVF attempts. Unfortunately with each IVF treatment including 2 miscarriages, we discovered more problems with why I couldn't carry my babies. This resulted in a lot of comfort eating and many different fertility drugs meaning my weight continued to rise. I fell pregnant for the third time in September 2011 and with the help of steroids and fertility drugs my little boy was born in April 2012. Within three weeks of having him I was back to my pre pregnancy weight... Now that sounds good but in fact I was still very much overweight. I had a fairly hard pregnancy which didn't allow me to eat much so once my son was born I went to town and ate anything I wanted, therefore resulting in me putting on another stone by the time my son was 4 months. I saw a programme on TV which mentioned the benefits of rosemary Conley classes because of the exercise class, being quite sporty this really appealed to me. I decided along with my mum that we would give it a try and see if we could lose some weight before our family holiday to America the following April.

"We started classes and the weight started to come off well, I was losing 1-2 lb a week which I was happy with, I was following the diet, I even lost 1lb on a 2 week holiday after only being a class for a few weeks. My weight continued to come off and I lost my first stone in the November... I was so pleased, Christmas came and went and I was still doing well and it wasn't long until I lost 1.5 stone... Then things started to change, snacks started to creep back in so by the time I went to America I was just over a stone loss and when I came back from my holiday I was back at only losing a stone... I really couldn't get my head back into the diet so my weight didn't really change. I decided to stop going to classes but by the third week of doing it myself I was on the phone to Heidi asking to come back. I Was back at class on the Monday night and was back into the swing of things, at weigh in I was only 12lb from my origional weight I was so disappointed that I'd let it all unravel. So got myself back on track, three weeks later at the end of July I was rushed into hospital with gall stones. Very painful but in reflection the best thing that could of happened to me. It was the kick I needed to get my life in order, not just for me but for my son also. After a week of resting I was not only back at class but I began going to other classes. This for me is what changed the weight loss, by September I hit my 2 stone and November I received my 3 stone. I was so much happier, I loved coming to classes and by Christmas I was doing 4 classes a week. 

"After Xmas I lost my Xmas weight fairly quickly but had another struggle to deal with and it was to stop under eating, Heidi had warned me that it would stop me from losing weight and it did, so after a few months of getting that sorted I started losing weight again. As with any one you have up and down times and my weight stayed pretty steady until I got to September and decided enough was enough and stripped it all back to basics and lost 7lbs in two weeks getting me to my goal weight.

"Throughout it all my meals were always good, i used scales and portion pots to keep my meal sizes correct and used a smaller plate. I avoided pasta because I knew it didn't help me personally lose weight and stuck to rice as my main carb. My problem was and will always be chocolate and snacking, but I proved to myself this last two weeks that if you do it right it works and cutting it out was what I needed. I tried hard with my fluid intake and my good weeks on the scales were always the weeks I had stuck to my 2 litres of squash. I had my demons with the scales at home and whenever I started using them my weight loss would stop and my mood would go down, I generally didn't use them but If I did I knew I had to get my head back in the game and stop torturing myself.

"I'm now 4 stone lighter, 3 to 4 dress sizes smaller and I have lost 64 inches, have a fabulous group of friends and love my exercise classes. I've lost the weight and also gained a much happier life. Thank you for everything Heidi xxx"

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