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Highest Weight9st 3lbs
Lowest Weight8st
Highest BMI16
Lowest BMI14

Before I began these classes I was in pain on a daily basis

In 2008 I had a bicycle accident, it took over 3 years to fully recover and during this time I became extremely unfit and my weight was the heaviest I had ever been. As a teenager my hobby was ballroom and Latin American dancing so when I discovered Rachel was teaching Fitsteps, I knew I had found my answer to becoming fit again. I wasn't disappointed, I started in August 2013 and by December 2013 I was back down to the weight I was before my accident. Walking up a flight of stairs no longer made me out of breath and I was able to join my husband on his weekend run. Because I had more energy I joined some of Rachel's other classes: aerobics, kettle bells, toning and running club and am looking forward to joining her Pilates class in the New Year. Before I began these classes I was in pain with my shoulder on a daily basis (due to my accident). I would never of thought I would be able to do push ups, planks, swing a kettle bell etc. but thanks to Rachel I no longer suffer. I feel so much stronger and fitter which in turn has given me the courage to get back on my bike. 

Rachel Cozens Fitness Classes are not only friendly, motivating and great fun but also offer advice on healthy eating and weight management. You don't need to have danced or been involved in any sort of exercise programme before, the classes are full of people with no previous experience who find they progress together and have fun. If you want to lose weight or just get fit, I would highly recommend trying one of Rachel's classes, you won't be disappointed.

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