I lost 5 dress sizes

Highest Weight18st 5lbs
Lowest Weight13st 5 lbs
Highest BMI29
Lowest BMI21

I never really had too much trouble with my weight when younger.

If I gained a few pounds, within a short period of time I could shift it as easily as I had gained it!! When I hit my thirties, I had my second child, I snapped back into my pre pregnancy weight very quickly. Then after 22 months, I ceased breastfeeding, smoking and was diagnosed with a thyroid problem in the space of three months! The weight just piled on, and with that gain came a decreasing self-esteem. Before I knew it, within two years I had ballooned in size, and wasn’t particularly bothered as my confidence was at its lowest. I remained like that for too many years, almost eight years!! I was a tight fitting size 24, and I stopped weighing myself when I became 18 stones 5 pounds, so I possibly was even more!!

Then a complete life change happened in September 2013!! I left my partner of over 13 years and I decided I NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING!!
I plucked up the courage to call Rachel Cozens, following advice from my GP and the daunting conversation about surgery for weight loss!! That was a wakeup call, for sure. I remember that cold November morning in 2013, I dragged myself to a class in East Coker. I arrived very early so I wouldn’t have to walk in with other people already being there. As I walked through the door, dragging my feet, my chin to my chest, looking at the floor, I mumbled “Is this the fitness class?”

I was welcomed with a smiling face, and the enthusiasm and positivity from Rachel was over whelming, something I had not experienced in my life for a very long time! And within a short space of time, I was arranging to join another class!! I cannot convey what I have gained from these classes, emotionally and mentally. The only loss has been my weight! I have lost over 5 stones in weight, and I have dropped FIVE dress sizes! I am still working hard, but it truly does not feel like hard work, it’s almost a pleasure??!! I took part in the Race for Life in June 2014, with the other members.  I would like to thank Rachel and her team, Steph and Annie, for giving me back my life! Their support and smiling faces make even the most difficult days bearable!

I would recommend to anyone, of any age or ability to come along, you will NOT regret it!
Bless you Rachel, xx

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