Keep thinking about the end result!

Highest Weight14st 2lbs
Lowest Weight11st 1lb
Highest BMI30.1
Lowest BMI23.6

Lisa loses over 3st with Just Jules Fitness

What made you decide to do something to lose weight?

My decision to lose weight was a simple one. After seeing the weight loss of a colleague who had been attending Julie’s Rosemary Conley classes now called Just Jules fitness Move 2 Lose and how fantastic she looked, I knew that none of my summer clothes would fit me later that year and that I was also very unhappy with the way that I looked and having just turned forty, it was time to change and feel good about myself again.  Something that I had not felt in a very long time. 

What have you tried before to get in shape?

When I moved to Colchester six years ago, I lost two stone in weight mainly due to the stress of moving, unpacking and setting up our new home, as well as being a mum and housewife and all that it entails. It was not down to a healthy eating plan or exercise, but a case of missing meals and trying to cut out the wrong foods. This lifestyle did not last long, and both this and extra weight soon went back on.

Can you remember a time previously when you were happy with your weight?

The last time when I was truly happy with my weight and how I looked was in my mid twenties.

Can you remember when you started to put on weight?

I started to put on weight at this time after meeting my future husband.  We would eat out most nights, always too late and I also stopped going to my aerobics classes and swimming. This then started the next fifteen years of my roller-coaster ride of yo-yo dieting and also exacerbating my comfort eating due to my ever increasing size, becoming pregnant and also grief at losing my mum to a terminal illness three months after my first daughter Amy was born.

Did you receive support from your family and friends?

Friends and family would encourage me to stick to each diet I went on, but each time I would give up and fall off the wagon again!  Mainly because I didn’t have the willpower to keep going.

What would you say to someone who was struggling to lose weight?

Keep strong, especially in the first week.  Your second weigh in will give you the much needed boost to your confidence that you so need and the willpower to carry on. Take one day at a time.  Keep thinking about the end result. Accept that the real hard part of any weight loss programme is not just about losing the weight, but also maintaining it and keeping it off.

What improvements have you experienced in your life since losing weight?

Since losing my weight, my confidence has grown and I have learned to both like and love myself again.  Not only have I lost weight, my shape has also changed due to regular increased exercise classes, and for the first time in my life I can now fit into size 10-12 clothes. I now have more energy both at home and at work, and love nothing more than being on the move and keeping busy. I can honestly say that Julie’s exercise classes and her positive attitude are a major part of my life now and that I absolutely love going to every single one of them.

What hopes or plans do you have for your future?

My hopes for the future are simple.  I want to stay fit and healthy for both myself and my family, and to live a long and happy life. I am also thinking very seriously about taking up some form of a physical challenge sometime in the future.

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