My fantastic journey!

Highest Weight20st
Lowest Weight11st 11lbs
Highest BMI46
Lowest BMI27

8 Stone lost already, still on a journey

"I joined Heidi in February 2012 after stepping on the scales and feeling totally disgusted and embarrassed that I was 20 Stone!

"I just went home and cried, I could not believe that I had let it get that far out of control since having a baby and then realised that my baby was 6 years old! Straight away I reached for the nearest pack of crisps and biscuits because that’s what I done best… ‘Comfort eat’.

"When I first joined Heidi’s class I was unable to exercise for more than 5 minutes before having to stop because it felt like my heart was ripping its way out of my chest. The more I exercised the harder it felt no class felt like it was getting any easier.

"I followed the plan word for word. Everything I ate was written down in my food diary and was measured using either my kitchen scales or the portion pots provided. My husband was getting a bit concerned as I was evening measuring out things like juice, oil and milk with a syringe (ha ha). At first I was shocked by how small the portions were and it showed how much I was overeating at meal times. I did enjoy the plan and still do now as I didn’t have to cut out any of the things that I enjoyed it was just about the portion control and making the healthier choices. As the weeks went on I was finding it really difficult to manage to eat the full calorie allowance, but the weight loss was amazing and the first few stone just fell off, this gave me the determination and motivation to keep going.

"By Christmas 2012 I had lost 5 stone and achieved the slimmer of the year award. I was just lost for words and so overwhelmed at all the love and support from not only my husband and family but all my new friends from the group. The comments on how good I was looking really gave me a boost.
I then decided that 2013 was my year… I continued to steadily lose the weight even with a few slip ups due to family occasions and holidays, but I felt I was still on a good track. By Christmas 2013 I had lost a further 3 stone now bringing me to a total loss of 8 stone and 5 dress sizes smaller. I received an achievement award and was obviously happy with the result but also disappointed at the same time as I wanted to be nearer my goal weight.

"2014 has been quite a tough year, I have gone up and down more times than a yo-yo. I don’t feel that I have been in the right frame of mind or had my focused head on but have still always had the support of Heidi and all my friends and family. I have tried all these little fad diets that have cost me a fair few quid but was not get any results from it! I soon picked up my books and went back to basics with the eating plan, weighing and measuring. I have not gained much weight so when I do reach my goal the maintenance plan may not be so hard to keep going with.

"No part of my journey has been easy I still have days now when I look in the mirror and feel fat even though I am half the person I was. Also I know that I still have a fair way to go until I do reach my goal weight but I’ve realised now that it is much more achievable when I set myself small goals rather than trying to picture light at the end of the tunnel

My fitness level and attitude to healthier eating have much improved and I also never thought that I would say I have achieved walking a half marathon and took part in so many fun runs and races that I have lost count!

"By Christmas 2014 my aim is to still be 8 stone lighter! Bring on 2015!"

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