How to drop 4 dress sizes!

Highest Weight13st 4lbs
Lowest Weight9st 4lbs
Highest BMI31.92
Lowest BMI22.3

4 stone lighter and I only joined 7 months ago!

"I joined Heidi's classes in February after deciding that it was about time I did something about my weight. For years I had been avoiding it, making excuses - 'I don't have time to exercise', 'The clothes don't fit me because the manufacturers are making them smaller' and 'It's just baby weight' (my son is now 7!!!). I kept saying that I really must lose some weight, but eventually got the kick up the butt that I needed when I saw a picture of myself that a friend had taken and really didn't like what I saw!

"The first couple of weeks I really stuck to the plan, drinking my 2 litres of water and keeping to the calories allowed. I was amazed that I lost over half a stone and this made me more determined to carry on and stick with it. The first week that I went shopping, a job that normally takes about an hour, it took me over 3 hours because I was reading all of the information on the packets! It was quite scary how many calories and how much fat was in the things that I would have normally bought! 

"I have a really sweet tooth and love chocolate, cakes, desserts etc. Instead of buying the normal large bars of chocolate, I bought a selection of small bars (under 100 calories) and put them into a container in the fridge so that if I wanted chocolate, I would have that instead of a family sized bar! I also discovered Pink and Whites and meringue, both low in fat and calories but great if you need a sugar rush!! I couldn't cut sweet things out completely as I knew that I would end up craving them more, so if I was going out for a special occasion, I made sure that I had less calories throughout the day so that I could have a desert later on. I also tried to do a bit more exercise the next day.

"I got the kitchen scales out and they took up permanent residence on my work top. I wrote everything down that I ate and this really did make me think twice about having a rummage through the food cupboards. It also helped me to know what works for me and helped me plan my meals so I knew that I was not overdoing the carbs or high fat treats.

"I am a 'grazer' and would generally pick throughout the day. When I got home from work I would pick before dinner and counteract this by having my dinner on a small side plate, thinking that it would be better as there wouldn't be so much food on it. I would then get hungry afterwards and pick again, so it completed defeated the concept of a smaller meal. I eat bigger meals now, but fill my plate with more veg or salad and am less likely to feel hungry afterwards.

"I can be quite a fussy eater and was reluctant to try new things. During one of Heidi's talk topics, she said about gradually introducing foods by trying a little bit each day for a couple of weeks and then it becomes a habit. My salad used to consist of lettuce, cucumber and peppers, but I have gradually tried to add different things and now I have tomatoes, beetroot, celery etc. (This not only makes my food look more interesting but I can get more on my plate too - Bonus!!!). 

"So, now we are in September and I am 4 stone lighter!!! I have dropped 4 dress sizes and feel much fitter and healthier. I am loving exercising, something that I never thought I would have said before I started the classes. Thank you Heidi Button!!!"

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