From Couch to 400Km

Highest Weight17st 7lbs
Lowest Weight11st 3lbs
Highest BMI38.3
Lowest BMI24.5

The Cycling Chef who lost Six stones!

Do you ever get to a stage in your life when enough is enough? That happened to me in August 2010 just before going on holiday to Tenerife with my family. Once again I had to go to the “Big Girls Shops” to get clothes to fit me. I was a size 20 in jeans and a size 22 on top. Before going on the holiday, I told my husband I wanted to give it one more go at losing weight, hopefully this time for good, when we got back. I had been on and off diets since the age of 12.

After some research on the internet I found Karen Smiths class in Woodford Green, Essex now called Fitgirlslim ( The reason I went to Karen was for the exercise included in the weight loss programme. On September 9th 2010 I walked in to Karen’s class and was horrified to find I was 17 and a half stones in weight, I thought I was about 15 stones! Karen gave me all the tools I needed to get started on my healthy eating plan, I knew all about healthy eating as I work as a chef so there should have been no excuse for the weight gain, but I have always been a picker and grazer of food, therefore not knowing exactly how many calories I was taking in during the day and I did no exercise, just sat on the sofa in the evenings.

Within 3 weeks I had lost my first stone in weight and continued to lose gradually every week small amounts of weight. I started doing one exercise class a week with Karen, but after 4 months I increased it to 3 classes a week and this really helped the weight come off. By June 9th 2011 I had lost 6 stones and felt fantastic. I joined my local gym to take up spinning to help to keep the weight off and started cycling to work. In September 2014 I cycled with the WomenVCancer charity 400km in rural China taking in the Great Wall of China along the way raising over £3500 in valuable funds for the fight against women’s cancers.

All through this journey Karen has been a fantastic support to me, getting me to work hard in her classes and even encouraging me to qualify as an instructor which I achieved in June 2013. I cover Karen’s classes and can really relate to her members, giving them help & support and advice as they start their weight loss journey. I did not ‘go on a diet’ as you can come off it very easily, instead I changed my eating habits, concentrating on the healthy stuff and keeping the treats for special occasions.

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